This is the Team Behind Optimist
1 collective, 8 freelancers, 5 dogs, 3 cats, 8 rats, 1 fish, 1 crab, 8 cities, & growing

Optimist doesn’t have a big, swanky office with unusable chairs or completely impractical “meeting” spaces right in the middle of an open work floor (seriously, what is up with that?!)

We’re digital, remote, and distributed. Each member of our team is a full-time, professional freelancer with years of experience under their belt.

We’re a collective that forms different teams for each client project.

When it’s time to work together, we look at the client’s specific industry, their needs and goals, and our team’s skills and experience. Then, we assemble a group of the best talent for each particular role from our squad or go out and recruit the right person. Each client team is custom built and adaptable to meet their changing needs.

Here are the faces that make it happen.


Writer, Boston


Designer, Asheville


Writer, Toronto


Research Admin, Austin


Research Admin, Madison


Designer, Jacksonville


Strategist, Los Angeles


Strategist, Des Moines